Arkadia’s online shop!

Dear friends of Arkadia,

We sincerely hope you are well and that your lives haven’t been too adversely affected by Covid.

This is just a gentle reminder that if you are unable to come to see us in person you are heartily encouraged to visit our online shop!

This is part of our drive to keep Arkadia International Bookshop alive and kicking vigorously in these troubled times.

This online shop will allow you to acquire comfortably from your home (or anywhere else for that matter), and from one single address, all the following items!

–   Books
–   Gift vouchers
–   Arkadia posters
–   Handmade bookmarks
–   A membership to the Friends of Arkadia Association
–   Art

We will not host any of our usual events this autumn. We would, however, be more than delighted to welcome you at Arkadia!

See you soon! We wish you a splendid evening in the meantime!

Most warmly,