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Dear friend of Arkadia, What peculiar times we are living! We hope that your loved ones and yourselves are in good health and that you are coping reasonably well with the great disturbance that has come to everyone’s existence. Arkadia is closed but we firmly intent to carry on. We do not wish to ask […]

New message from Arkadia / We are closed

Dear friends of Arkadia, We apologise for sending you two messages in a row that contradict each other. Arkadia will close for now. Here is the situation we face (and that a great number of other people face) and the conclusions we have reached: Arkadia remained opened yesterday and we followed the guidelines we had […]

Message from Arkadia

Dear friends of Arkadia, We hope you are looking after yourselves and not feeling demoralised by the situation! For the time being, Arkadia will remain open and we will do all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to keep our clients safe. For now, all events have been postponed.We will wipe the high-touch […]