New message from Arkadia / We are closed

Dear friends of Arkadia,

We apologise for sending you two messages in a row that contradict each other.

Arkadia will close for now.

Here is the situation we face (and that a great number of other people face) and the conclusions we have reached:

Arkadia remained opened yesterday and we followed the guidelines we had imposed upon ourselves and our visitors. However, it soon became obvious to us that people will stay at home now (and for good reasons, too).

We still have a rent and running expenses to pay. For now, we haven’t the foggiest idea how Arkadia will pay them. Without the normal revenues from the sales of books, the rentals (parties, meetings etc.) and the shows, staying open in the hope of selling only a few books a day is unreasonable.

While running a family business we must also look after our children who are, naturally, at home. It is best that we look after them now rather than being at the bookshop.

For these reasons, we will sadly have to close Arkadia for now. If there is something we can assist you with, please let us know.

We shall do our utmost to find means to allow Arkadia to pull through and welcome everyone back heartily!

We wish you all the very best now.

Most warmly,