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Yearly Archives: 2008

A Mickle Maher Play At Arkadia Wednesday 19th of November at 19:00

Dear friend of Arkadia,   We are very happy to present a Finn-Brit Players theatre production at the bookshop on November 19th at 19:00. You are extremely welcome! Warm regards, Ian Bourgeot   Kindly be on time. Doors will close at 19:00. If you can afford it, a €4 donation is suggested. Running time is […]

Classical Music at Arkadia 15.11 at 16:00 / Maya Egashira (violinist and violist) and Robert Kopelman (violinist)

Maya Egashira (violinist and violist)  and Robert Kopelman (violinist) will play at Arkadia at 16:00 November 11th 2008.   It’s a Saturday and the sun will surely shine, so do come, you are all most heartily welcome!   Entrance is free and green tea will be served.   Warm regards, Ian Bourgeot   PS: Latecomers […]

Photographers at Arkadia in November 2008 Karmela Kopčić and Krešimir Kopčić

The photographers’ gallery at Arkadia Oy exhibits photography in all its forms and welcomes talented amateurs as well as more established artists and professionals. The bookshop stocks a small but growing range of photography books, some rare or limited edition. Arkadia exhibits and sells photographs of Pira Cousin, Karmela Kopčić, Krešimir Kopčić, Maria-Helena Markkula and […]

Travis Bird sings at Arkadia 23.10 at 18:00-21:00 Rebecca Clamp sings at Arkadia 29.10 at 18:00-21:00

Dear friend of Arkadia, Travis Bird and Rebecca Clamp are soon coming to sing at Arkadia International Bookshop! You are most heartily welcome to both events. Entrance is free and they’ll be free green tea. So, why hesitate? Immediately jot down the dates in your diary and come over even if it’s only for a […]

Thérèse Gougeon-Aminoff / French literature 15.10.08/18:00

Thérèse Gougeon-Aminoff will talk of her new book ”Le Merveilleux Voyage d’Oliver Bompal à travers la Finlande”. From Le FrancoFinn Septembre-Octobre 2008: Mercredi 15 octobre à 18 h 00 Soirée littéraire à Arkadia Le FRANCOFINN’ et la librairie « Arkadia – International bookshop » lancent les « soirées littéraires ». A chacun de ces rendez-vous, un auteur parlera d’un […]

Töölön Tähden / Political debate 30.9.08/18:00

You are most welcome to this meeting! It will be in Finnish but the three candidates are also perfectly fluent in English. TÖÖLÖN TÄHDEN Kolme töölöläistä kärkiehdokasta keskustelee kuntavaalien teemoista. Mikä Sinua töölöläisenä kiinnostaa? Tule haastamaan meidät tee- tai kahvikupin ääreen! ·         Tuuli Kousa (vihr), viestintäpäällikkö, Master of Laws ·         Tatu Rauhamäki (kok), kaupunginvaltuutettu, YTV:n […]