A Mickle Maher Play At Arkadia Wednesday 19th of November at 19:00

Dear friend of Arkadia,


We are very happy to present a Finn-Brit Players theatre production at the bookshop on November 19th at 19:00. You are extremely welcome!

Warm regards,

Ian Bourgeot


Kindly be on time. Doors will close at 19:00. If you can afford it, a €4 donation is suggested. Running time is 50 minutes with no interval.

An Apology for the Course and Outcome of Certain Events Delivered by Doctor John Faustus on This His Final Evening by Mickle Maher.    

After 24 years having the Prince of Devils for his servant and with all the power of Hell at his fingertips, Faustus’s contract with Satan is finally coming to an end and it is the last evening of his life. He reminisces on the pasts and futures that he has known. He finally resorts to a quite un-supernatural, totally human invention: an apology. Of the play: ‘It’s hard to miss Mickle Maher’s brilliance in this ingenious retooling of the Faust legend. Maher’s Faust is not the renaissance braggart of Marlowe or the romantic titan of Goethe but a skittish nobody plucked from the pathetic comedies of Gogol’ (Chicago Reader)

Directed by Rebecca Clamp.     Produced by the Finn-Brit Players Cast: Dr. John Faustus: Adrian Goldman.  Mephistopheles: Fionna O’Sullivan

Mickle Maher:

Playwright and actor Mickle Maher has worked in Chicago for the last twenty years.  In 1987 he co-founded Chicago’s critically acclaimed Theater Oobleck. Works of his have been presented Off-Broadway at the Barrow St.theatre, NYC’s New Victory Theatre and at a number of other theatres in New York, Chicago, St.Louis & Houston and by companies in Germany, Slovenia and England. His plays are published by Hope and Nonthings (hopeandnonthings.com).

Rebecca Clamp:

Rebecca Clamp studied theatre at Lancaster University (1997-2000) achieving firsts in directing and playwriting. She wrote, directed, produced and acted in her play The Cat and the Crayfish (Corpus Christi Playroom 2004). She also wrote the play T with was performed in 2006. She is also a singer-songwriter-pianist and has acted in several short films including music videos made for her own songs Spacegirl (2005) and Paper Boats (2007).

Adrian Goldman:

Adrian Goldman has acted and directed in three countries and two continents, demonstrating an unshakeable belief that hard work is more important than talent, that perspiration will triumph over inspiration, and that his avocation is more important than his vocation.  He dedicates his performance with love to the three most important people in his life: Katrina, Aleksis and  Seija.  He directs a lot, writes poems and in his spare time can be found running a scientific group.

Fionna O’Sullivan

Fionna O’Sullivan is an Irish IT professional, with a life-long love for live theatre. Since moving to Finland, she has had parts as Jessie in Beautiful Bodies, and Nanny Ogg in Wyrd Sisters, as well directing a production of Jean Genet’s The Maids in May 2007. Generally, she enjoys working backstage as stage manager.