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About Arkadia

When Arkadia International Bookshop first opened its doors in Helsinki and began trading in second hand books March 14th 2008, it would have been difficult to imagine the tremendous vitality that would sweep through the shop, and the journey we were beginning.

We have sold books in numerous languages and every possible field of interest, and hosted well over seven hundred events that reflect the intriguing variety on the bookshelves.

Arkadia is a large second-hand bookshop, a gallery and a venue for a wide range of events. We offer space for tranquility, writing and thought. We also have a chapel, a piano, a pool table and much else that is appealing.

We take great pride in being a cheerful, combative and absolutely independent bookshop.

You are all most heartily welcome to visit us!

With kind regards,

Ian and Liisa Bourgeot


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