Arkadia Anniversary

Dear friends of Arkadia, This notice is simply to say that the bookshop is a 3 years old toddler now! My wish as I opened the shop was to last 50 years, quite a task really, but now, suddenly, there are only 47 years left to reach that altogether not unachievable goal! I wished to express my deepest gratitude towards all the extraordinary and impossibly varied people who offered their time and talent thereby enabling the bookshop to host more than 265 events of great diversity in a relatively short time. Thank you, all of you. You have brought pleasure and much to think about to innumerable other people. You have impressed and inspired me. I also wish to thank all the kind and innumerable people who attended the events and heeded my tiresome request of donating €2 (or more!) to fund the event and drinking a cup of green tea! The bookshop is absolutely, and some might say fiercely, independent. It benefits from no subsidies whatsoever. These donations have been greatly important and have helped ensure the survival of the shop. My deepest thanks naturally go to all the people who bought books (Arkadia’s raison d’être), and to those who brought books to Arkadia, some with an extreme measure of generosity. Thank you very much indeed. And then there those who have helped it just so many ways, the friends, the assistants and my little family. Thank you so much. The website has been refurbished recently and you are heartily encouraged to visit it! It was designed and refurbished by Wojetk Mejor and I thank him warmly for all his brilliant work. Welcome to Arkadia very soon! Warm regards, Ian