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Hire of premises and gallery space for private use

Arkadia has several venues for hire for a variety of private activities and functions.
We have welcomed numerous private events ranging from weddings, naming ceremonies, graduations, birthdays etc.
The bookshop has about 200 square meters of space to choose from!
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested. We are ready to discuss the fees and make an offer to suit your needs.

Rooms and facilities for rent for private use:

a) A large meeting room.
Attractive and spacious. Seats up to 40 people for a talk or screening.
First hour: €75, Following hours: €35

b) Two open meeting rooms.
Very cosy. Seats 5 to 20 people.
First hour: €45, Following hours €20

c) The Chapel.
A small and special meeting room. Seats up to 6 people for a meeting.
First hour: €30, Following hours €15.

d) The whole bookshop.
Five beautiful rooms for various occasions.
First hour: €300, Following hours €80.

The premises should be left reasonably clean and tidy. Optionally, we also offer a cleaning service for a modest fee.

Standard facilities:

Book-lined and elegant rooms, a projector and screen, DVD and music players, a Yamaha upright piano, a black chalkboard, pool table and numerous other features.

We also have a kitchenette, a coffee machine, a microwave oven, wireless Internet, a fridge and freezer at the disposal of renters.

We heartily encourage you to visit us!