Books from Arkadia online!

Dear friend of Arkadia,

As you know, Arkadia International bookshop is closed. We are a proud brick-and-mortar establishment and have therefore not wished to go much into the online business. Our true purpose is to welcome people to browse our books as they sit on bookshelves. But that is quite impossible now.

We have therefore registered (and will carry on doing so until we open again) some of our books (200 so far but we shall add new ones all the time!) on the following site:

You can browse the collection just by looking at covers, or titles etc.

If you wish to purchase any number of these books, it’s very simple:

– You write to us indicating the book(s) you wish to purchase.
– We send you the books by post (and let you know the postage fee)
– We invoice you the book(s) + postage

It’s quite simple really!

We also already have a large amount of books in Finnish and Swedish listed on our online catalogue in:

We wish you an excellent day now. Look after your loved ones and yourselves well!

Most warmly,