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Category Archives: Civilian Crisis Management at Arkadia

Friday 10.9 at 6pm: Keskustelutilaisuus Gazan tilanteesta / participants: Päivi Muma, Pertti Multanen and Jamil Attin,

 Dear friend of Arkadia, Your are heartily welcome to a talk on life in Gaza on Friday 10.9 at 6pm. The guests are Finn Church Aid expert, psychotherapist Päivi Muma, docent Pertti Multanen and Jamil Attin, leader of the Gaza Mind and Body Medicine Center. The talk is organized by the Finnish Arab Friendship Association […]

Wednesday 17.2 at 7pm:General Wakeel Akbari&Legal Adviser Jari Paajala will discuss Afghanistan

Dear friend of Arkadia, The bookshop is happy and honoured to welcome EUPOL Legal Adviser Jari Paajala and General Wakeel Akbari, Head of the Afghan National Police (ANP) Anti-Corruption Unit for a straight talk about the situation in Afghanistan on Wednesday 17.2 at 7pm. At the end of the presentation a short film about the […]

Crisis Management in Afghanistan by Jari Paajala on Thursday 7.1 at 7pm

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are warmly invited to listen to Jari Paajala who has very kindly accepted to speak of his mission in Kabul on Thursday 7.1 at 7pm. Jari Paajala has been working for the EUPOL AFG as Mentor to the Afghan Ministry of Interior and as Legal Adviser to the HoM EUPOL […]