Christmas and New Year Wishes and Holidays!

Dear friends of Arkadia,

As the year draws to a holiday pause before its close, we take much pleasure in sending out to you, and your loved ones, our heartiest good wishes for Christmas and the New Year!

It has been a year of many dramatic events, but also some moments of peace, serenity and reflection.

We are thankful to all our customers, performers, visitors and supporters who make the existence of our bookshop possible, and running it a most gratifying task. We are especially thankful to those trainees and volunteers, who joined us in work this year.

It has been a great pleasure to share our space, books and thoughts with all of you!

Next year, in March, Arkadia International Bookshop will reach its first decade of existence. Who would have thought!

Work and activities will naturally continue as steadfastly as ever. But first, we shall take a little break!

Arkadia will open again on Tuesday January 16th at noon.

You are all heartily welcome to join us then once more!

Look after yourselves well in the meantime.

Most warmly,

Ian and Liisa