Dr. Mohamed Osman Amin Ahmed will talk of Darfur at Arkadia on Friday 7.8 at 6pm

Dear friend of Arkadia,


You are heartily invited to listen to Dr. Mohamed Osman Amin Ahmed who has very kindly accepted to present a detailed exposé of the situation in Darfur. He will describe the landscape, the post colonial situation and the premises of the crisis. The crisis itself will be explained comprehensively. The talk will take place at the bookshop Friday 7.8 at 18:00. Do come!


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        Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A 2€ donation is suggested and would be welcome.

        You can also reach me via facebook.

I have an address under my name “Ian Bourgeot”and I would gladly become your friend

         The opening hours of the shop have changed:

Weekdays 12:00-19:00 / Saturdays 10:00-18:00 / closed on Sundays&Mondays


Mohammed Osman Amin Ahmed

·       Sudanese darfurian, Medical doctor and clinical researcher at university of Kuopio.

·       Practicing Medicine and surgery since 2003 in Darfur

·       As Volunteer MD in different refugees camps with different National and international organization.

·       As programme Coordinator  Medical Coordinator Finnish Red Cross Operation in Darfur