Erkki Tuomioja and Jonathan Steele will talk of the War in Iraq on Saturday 4.4 at 5pm

Dear friend of Arkadia,


The bookshop is delighted to invite you to a talk between Erkki Tuomioja and Jonathan Steele about the War in Iraq, and other matters that pertain to it, on Saturday 4.4 at 5pm. Gideon Gitai will introduce the two speakers. You are all most welcome!

Warm regards.


Important Note:

        Entrance is free and green tea will be served

        Kindly be on time.

        Jonathan Steele will talk of Gaza at the Finnish Foreign Ministry April 3rd at 11:30. Kanavakatu 3C, Katajanokka.


Erkki Tuomioja is a member of the Finnish parliament and was the Foreign Minister of Finland between 2000 and 2007

Jonathan Steele is a Guardian Newspaper journalist and the author of: Defeat, Why they Lost Iraq.

Gideon Gitai is a documentary filmmaker.