European swordsmanship by Guy Windsor at Arkadia 2.5 at 16:00

Dear friend of Arkadia,


The bookshop is extremely pleased to welcome swordsman Guy Windsor on Saturday 2.5 at 16:00.


Guy Windsor will discuss the process of recreating medieval and renaissance martial arts from period sources. We will see how obscure manuscripts, once lost in dusty libraries, have yielded an amazing trove of art, literature, and unpleasant, but rather effective, brutal killing techniques. 


 From monks sparring with swords and bucklers, to knights fighting with daggers, longswords spears and axes, to gentlemen killing each other in back alleys with rapiers, see how our martial heritage was preserved on paper, and is being revived in flesh and steel.


There will be some limited demonstration, but, we understand, no fatalities.


Guy founded the School of European Swordsmanship (link to: in Helsinki in 2001, and is a full-time researcher and teacher of these arts.


Warm regards,


        Entrance is free and green tea will be served (if you can afford it a 2€ donation for the tea is suggested and would be welcome!)