Friday 1.9 at 5:30pm at Arkadia: Ordering the Disorder: Movements of Love by Ruben Nagore

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You are invited to ‘Ordering the Disorder: Movements of Love’ by Ruben Nagore on Friday 1.9 at 5:30pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11) 

This talk launches a project called: “Transforming Challenges into Opportunities for Growth”. This initiative consists of a series talks held by professionals coming from different fields of expertise such as coaching, law, philosophy, art, theatre, Family Constellations and Rosen method. The talks will take place in the Fall of 2017 in Arkadia Bookshop.


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 Entrance is free but a donation of €3 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome. If you have no loose change or coins we gladly accept payment via Visa Electron or Mastercard etc. !

Ordering the Disorder: Movements of Love by Ruben Nagore

How to achieve balance in our lives? What is my purpose? Who am I?

In numerous occasions in our life we find ourselves lost, disoriented, without direction and often we do not know why. And even if we know the why, it is still difficult to know what to do. Welcome to “Ordering the Disorder”.

We will talk about who I am, what my purpose is, what are the systems to which I belong. Bringing knowledge from the disciplines of NLP and Family Constellations, we will also talk about what tools we can use in order to achieve balance in our lives.

Short Bio: Ruben Nagore
Ruben is currently training as a therapist on Family Constellations in the Gestalt Institute of Barcelona and as a Rosen practitioner in the Rosen Institute of Finland (Helsinki).
He started his art studies in ENT (Escuela Navarra de Teatro). In 2006 he got a B.A. in Physical theatre from RESAD (Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático). In the following years, Ruben focused his career on humanitarian issues. He volunteered in an orphanage (HDCRC) in Nepal, in a summer camp for autistic children (Aleph-Tea, Madrid) and in El Salvador in a Cultural NGO called “Tiempos Nuevos de Teatro” (New Times of Theatre). Based on those experiences he felt a call to develop artistic tools and bring them to the field of education. In addition, he facilitated a number of workshops on creative dance, corporal expression and stage presence. 
Nowadays he is part of the “Cosmosociología team” as a coach and consultant in the creation of exercises and movements in order to develop unity consciousness within human groups and improve social learning and team work