Friday 11.6 at 7pm: Concert by musicians Julia Korkman, Jan-Erik Mansikka and Jukka Särkä!

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are amiably invited to a concert by singer Julia Korkman, pianist  Jan-Erik Mansikka and guitarist Jukka Särkä of the Toisenlainen Toivo Kärki – project on Friday 11.6 at 7pm. The songs are composed by Jukka Särkkä and are written to poems by poet Eino Leino and Elina Vaara. It’s going to be a lively and all inspiring concert by a wonderful set of musicians, and you are most heartily welcome to attend! Warm regards, Ian – Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be VERY welcome. – If you wish to become of a fan of the bookshop you can become one by heading to the link below and clicking in the right places.!/pages/Helsinki-Finland/Arkadia-International-Bookshop-Ian-Bourgeot/114962855198875?ref=mf Julia Korkman has been studying classical singing for many years and shares a love for early baroque music with Jukka Särkkä, with whom she has performed repertoires from Monteverdi and Mozart to Toivo Kärki and now J. Särkkä. She has a PhD in forensic psychology and, when not singing, is working as an investigative psychologist as well as lecturing and conducting research. Jan-Erik Mansikka is a researcher and lecturer in education at the University of Helsinki as well as a musician. He studied piano at the Oulunkylän Pop-jazz Conservatory and holds a PhD in education. He has been actively involved in a numbers of different theatre-music projects over the years. In recent years he has been joyfully involved in making music to improvisation theatre. – For me the core of music lies definitely in the art of improvisation, in the spirit of Keith Jarrett. Jukka Särkkä teaches classical guitar at the Keski-Helsingin Musiikkiopisto, and plays guitar, mandolin and banjo at the Finnish National Opera. He is also a composer and arranger and has written works for wind orchestra, piano, and various chamber groups. Jukka Särkkä plays bluegrass with The Clayhill Brothers.