Friday 15.2 at 6pm at Arkadia: ‘The Life and Art of Emily Carr’ with Professor Markku Henriksson and writer and critic Mathias Rosenlund

You are very welcome to visit us at: / Arkadia International Bookshop and “like” us if indeed you do!

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You are invited to “The Life and Art of Emily Carr” with Professor Markku Henriksson of the University of Helsinki and writer and critic Mathias Rosenlund on Friday 15.2 at 6pm at Arkadia International Bookshop ( Nervanderinkatu 11).

The discussion will celebrate the art and life of the influential Canadian artist Emily Carr.

The language of the discussion will be English, but questions and comments can also be made in Finnish and Swedish.


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Entrance is free but a donation of €3 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome.

Emily Carr (1871-1945) is one of Canada’s most known and celebrated artists and was one of the leading modernist painters in North America. She was highly influenced by the indigenous peoples of North America, and she was particularly known for her paintings of the Totem Poles of various tribes of Native Americans. Carr was tightly connected to, but not a part of, the Group of Seven, which included Lawren Harris, Franklin Carmichael, among others.

Markku Henriksson is McDougall Professor of North American Studies at the University of Helsinki. He was travelled North America frequently and has written several publications on Native Americans.

Mathias Rosenlund is a writer and critic, and a passionate student of the literature and art of North America.