Friday 17.12 at 6pm: “Pare” the making of an LED luminaire by architect Oliver Walter

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are warmly invited to a talk by architect Oliver Walter on Friday 17.12 at 6pm. Oliver is a German architect who has been working on numerous lighting projects in Finland and abroad. Over the past two years he has designed and produced a wooden luminaire which uses LED´s as light source. The luminaire is inspired by wooden shingles which earlier were clipped to the wall and ignited to briefly illuminate spaces. This highly ambitious project has been performed with a low budget, by exchanging services with other specialists and by using new prototyping technologies as well as manufacturing channels in China and India. Oliver will explain and analyse the development process of the LED luminaire which is in all its parts remarkably innovative. He will also present his and Julle Okksanen’s latest project: the lighting of the West harbour in Maarianhamina. Welcome! Warm regards, Ian Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be very welcome. Oliver Walter Oliver Walter has graduated as an architect in 1992 at ETH in Zürich, Switzerland. He has been living and working in Finland since 1998. Since 2003 he has is own practice. Together with his colleague and good friend Julle Oksanen he has been engaged in prestigious lighting design projects, like: –Stockmann department store in Alexanderinkatu, Helsinki -The new Vuosaari harbour, Helsinki -Road lighting for the renewed Hakamäentie, Helsinki -The new concerthall in Christiansand, Norway, by ALA architects –Promenade lighting for West harbour in Maarianhamina In the common understanding lighting is applied as a final layer on top of a readily designed architecture by adding standardized lighting solutions. Lighting is then supposed to just fulfill lighting value recommendations. Oliver thinks that lighting design should instead have an impact already in the most early planning stages to become an integral part of the architectural design. In the best case the light source is interwoven with the circumjacent structure and can not be located as such. The commitment to lighting design has also led to several luminaire proposals for well known luminaire manufacturers. Some of them are now produced and are on the market. Oliver´s newest luminaire just became ready. It is inspired by wooden shingles. Its name is Pare [pɛː]* This is etymologically interesting because the English verb ”pare” finds its analogy in the Finnish word Päre, which depicts a wooden shingle. Pare is the result of Oliver´s long engagement in the field of lighting design. The design builds on numerous principles which are significant in lighting projects in general, for example the light does not emit from a small light source, but spreads over a large surface to avoid glare. Pare is taking advantage of the LED technology. The light source is tiny and powerful and thus allows the product to be slim.The LED also allows the use of wood as the main material because the temperature is modest and there is no risk of inflammation. *pare [pɛː] verb, reduce (something) in size, …. in a number of small successive stages” Online Oxford dictionary