Friday 19.2 at 6 pm at Arkadia: SOLO concert – Johannes Geworkian Hellman playing the Hurdy-gurdy

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You are invited to SOLO – Johannes Geworkian Hellman playing the Hurdy-gurdy, on Friday  19.2 at 6pm (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Johannes Geworkian Hellman: hurdy-gurdy, voice

I was treated to a powerful wave of the most unique amalgamation of sounds I have ever heard. Most of which was made unique due to the hurdy-gurdy. Johannes brought his own life in to his playing.” – Luky Kenny, Rolling Stone Magazine


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A concert SOLO – Johannes Geworkian Hellman – Hurdy-gurdy

Johannes Geworkian Hellman is regarded as one of the most interesting hurdy-gurdy players of his generation in the world today. He is a passionated musician and artist who loves to meet and share his music with his audience. Johannes is usually known from the folkfusion bands Garizim and Symbio with whom he has been touring in Sweden and Europe the last years. Johannes has a progressive view of the hurdy-gurdy and with wide musical influences he wants to use all its colors to tell his stories. Today Johannes is studying at the Sibelius Academy master education where he is developing his new solo project. This evening he will play some of his new compositions for you. You are all warmly welcome to experience the hurdy-gurdy in a way that you have never heard before.