Friday 19.4 at 6pm at Arkadia: ‘Brasilia: the capital of hope’ by Daniel Guilarducci

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You are invited to ‘Brasilia: the capital of hope’ by historian and librarian Daniel Guilarducci on Friday 19.4 at 6pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

In 1761, the Marquis of Pombal proposes to change the capital of the Portuguese Empire to the inlands of its biggest colony, Brazil.

In 1883, in Turin the bishop John Bosco has a dream in which after passing dense forests and rivers of abundant waters in Latin America, he founds a “promised land, flowing with milk and honey and inconceivable riches” between parallels 15 and 20.

In 1956, Juscelino Kubitschek, the “bossa nova President” decides to put in practice against all odds the changing of the capital.
Sided by the genius of Oscar Niemeyer and the less known but equally brilliant Lucio Costa, Kubitschek manages to built a monumental city in the middle of nowhere in less than 4 years.

To know more about this incredible adventure with doses of political history, architectural wonders, mysticism and a breath-taking sunset,
join us next Friday.

You are all very welcome.

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Entrance is free but a donation of €3 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome.

Daniel Guilarducci is a historian and librarian by formation, a diplomat by profession, a booklover in his heart and a famous writer in his dreams. And, by the way, he was born in Brasilia