Friday 22.1 at 6pm: An evening with Star Wars by Johan Cantell and Paul Dillingham

 Dear friend of Arkadia, You are invited to an extraordinary event on Friday 22.1 at 6pm. You are invited to an evening with Star Wars: A recital and presentation of the Star Wars films and its creators, George Lucas and composer John Williams. Johan Cantell will play the film music on piano and Paul Dillingham will read excerpts from the books in a musical journey thru the Star Wars saga. You are all absolutely welcome! Warm regards, Ian – Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be welcome. – Performance time: approximately 90 minutes. Language: English. – IMPORTANT: Quite exceptionally the bookshop will be closed on Friday 15.1 and Saturday 16.1. I’m very sorry. Johan Cantell Johan Cantell has studied music at the Swedish Polytechnic in Pietarsaari and graduated in 2005. He works at the music school Musik- och kulturskolan Sandels in Helsinki as a teacher in clarinet, saxophone and musical theory. He also works as a piano teacher at Helsingfors svenska arbetarinstitut. Paul Dillingham Paul Dillingham first came to Finland in 1964 and has lived here permanently since the late sixties. He has taught English, principally, at Finnair, Helsingin Kauppakorkeakoulu, Hanken, and Arbis, and has translated Finnish books and programme notes into English. He has also co-authored textbooks. He studied the piano and the organ in England, and has been church organist at the Anglican Church in Helsinki for over forty years. He is currently a member of the Esbo Kammarkör. AN EVENING WITH STAR WARS Narration: Paul Dillingham Piano: Johan Cantell Excerpts from novels by George Lucas, Terry Brooks, R.A.Salvatore and Matthew Stover Music by John Williams “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” 20TH CENTURY FOX FANFARE STAR WARS MAIN TITLE From Episode I (The Phantom Menace): DUEL OF THE FATES JAR JAR´S INTRODUCTION ANAKIN´S THEME THE FLAG PARADE From Episode II (Attack of the Clones): ACROSS THE STARS THE MEADOW PICNIC From Episode III (Revenge of the Sith): ANAKIN´S BETRAYAL PADME´S DESTINY From Episode IV (A New Hope): BINARY SUNSET JAWA SANDCRAWLER MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU CANTINA BAND PRINCESS LEIA´S THEME TIE FIGHTER ATTACK From Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back): HAN SOLO AND THE PRINCESS THE IMPERIAL MARCH YODA´S THEME From Episode VI (Return of the Jedi): AT THE COURT OF JABBA THE HUTT THE EMPEROR LUKE AND LEIA PARADE OF THE EWOKS THE THRONE ROOM / END TITLES ”May the Force be with you … always.”