Friday 27.8 at 6pm: Night of the Arts at Arkadia!

 Dear friend of Arkadia, You are heartily invited to celebrate the Night of the Arts at the bookshop on Friday 27.8! 5:30: Timo Pankakoski (keyboards) 7:00 Rebecca Clamp (singer / songwriter) 9:00 Leonard Pearl (singer / songwriter) 10:30 Marmoritrio : Marja Nykänen , Mauri Saarikoski (violin) , Timo Seppänen (guitar), Aina Canivet and Monica Brunier 5:30pm Timo Pankakoski will play on the keyboards a set of jazz, tangos and folk songs . What better way to joyfully start off the evening? 7:00pm Singer and song-writer Rebecca Clamp will enchant us once more with her songs! Rebecca Clamp is known for her passionate and idiosyncratic piano playing and personal song lyrics that focus on the minutiae of life – often from a humorous or unusual viewpoint. Originally from Cambridge (UK) after six years here Rebecca now considers herself a Kallio girl, and many of her songs make reference to life in Helsinki. Clamp’s way of performing is absolutely irresistible. Almost throughout the concert, she sits slightly sideways facing the audience, and instead of performing her songs to the listeners, she tells them like stories. Not a single audience member can turn their eyes from her. Nunnu Koskenniemi, Desibeli (Transl. Anna Rawlings)
  Arkadia is delighted to welcome singer and songwriter Leonard Pearl for the very first time. Come and listen to this exceptional artist! Singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist Lenny Pearl plays what he calls “sonic acoustic”, with the aim to not sound like traditional, acoustic guitar music. Lenny is known for writing original music about difficult themes (such as body image, jealousy, depression) and for his unconventional and sometimes dissonant chord structures and tunings. He is also known for interpreting female artists’ music (such as Tori Amos) from a male point of view.
  Marja Nykänen , the group Marmoritrio, Aina Canivet and Monica Brunier will recite in music ten poems by Algerian-born poet Mohamed Kacimi in French and in Finnish! Dix poèmes de Bouqala Créé à l’origine par les femmes d’Alger, le rituel de la bouqala est un jeu traditionnel de divination. Les poèmes récités peuvent éclairer la vie, l’amour, annoncer des départs, des joies ou des malheurs…Mohamed Kacimi a traduit ces poèmes en français et Marja Nykänen en finnois. Marmoritrio revient à Arkadia pour la nuit des Arts et présente 10 de ces poèmes en musique par Marja Nykänen (poèmes en finnois),Mauri Saarikoski(violon), Timo Seppänen(guitar) et avec Aina Canivet et Monica Brunier (poèmes en français). Join us and rejoice with all these extraordinary musicians, poets and artists! Warm regards, Ian www.arkadiabookshop.fiEntrance is free and green tea will be served. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be welcome.