Friday 7.8 at 6 pm and Saturday 8.8 at 4pm at Arkadia: Opening and discussion about Yhteisössä itää meets Katso Aurinkoa! A societal dreams art poster exhibition presented by Eetu Haverinen


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You are invited to the opening of Yhteisössä itää meets Katso Aurinkoa! A societal dreams art poster exhibition on Friday 7.8 at 6pm and to Utopias as an alternative for one-track political speech on Saturday 8.8 at 4pm, both presented by Eetu Haverinen, at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

The talk will be mainly Finnish but also in English.


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Friday 7.8 at 6pm

The exhibition includes eight art posters from an art project led by Eetu Haverinen. The posters from collection KATSO AURINKOA! depict societal dreams of young adults of generation Y – the posters were made between 2013 and 2014. These dreams are filled with different kinds of statements for the desired society: For example infrastructure, cultural diversity and the organization of economy were concerned.

The newer posters of collection YHTEISÖSSÄ ITÄÄ were created in different way. These posters were created at first hand in collective drawing and conversation workshops. Haverinen formed art posters from the collected material. Touching depictions of dreams are shown in the drawings. The ages of participants spanned from 3 years to 60 years.
The whole project combining these two collections underlines the importance of idealism and dreams when creating assumptions for future society. When we keep our dreams in sight, whether personal or societal, we will achieve more!

Luontokerho 6.15 pm and Pyhä Rauha 7pm.

Saturday 8.8 at 4pm

Utopias as an alternative for one-track political speech“. The discussion will clarify own utopias, political dreams and motives of societal action. What does your society of dreams look like? What are those contemporary phenomena which create functional society for example to 20 years to future