Jean-Philippe Payette will sing at Arkadia Saturday 9.5 at 16:00

Dear friend of Arkadia,

Québec comes to the bookshop wonderfully represented by Jean-Philippe Payette, singer and song-writer, Saturday 9.5 at 16:00.  All the songs will be sung in French but no understanding of French whatsoever is required to fully enjoy the performance. You are warmly welcome to Arkadia to listen to Jean-Philippe!

Warm regards,


        Entrance is free and green tea will be served. If you can afford it a 2€ donation for the tea is suggested and would be welcome!

        You can also reach me via facebook. I have an address under my name (“Ian Bourgeot”and I would gladly become your friend) and also a page under the bookshop’s name (“Arkadia Oy / international Bookshop / Helsinki and you could become a fan).


Ce sera du mica sans bruit: Jean-Philippe Payette is the lead singer of Esker Mica, a rising indie-pop act in Québec known for their crisp and powerful northern sounds.

  Jean-Philippe’s fellow band members are sadly far away in distant Québec and now, for his first performance in Finland, Jean-Philippe misses them all dearly. He is well aware that alone on the stage and single-handed, he just won’t be able to produce the sounds of the daring brossé drum, the sonic guitar wall of sounds, the bass player’s seasoned yet sturdy punctuation and das lovely Wohltemperirte keyboard that are all such distinctive trademarks of his long-time musician friends.  He will however wholeheartedly attempt to bring to Arkadia a taste of Esker Mica, with its songs and his very own smooth and clear Québécois voice, accompanied solely by his acoustic guitar.  His voice has echoes of Matti Johannes Koivu, Lou Barlow and Florent Marchet.  Jean-Philippe will sing a selection of his band’s songs. He will also read Finnish translations of his poems and of poems in French written by from other Québécois. 

Jean-Philippe lives in Montréal and Helsinki. His music, lyrics and voice stretch a long, misty, subtle yet unmistakable road from Québec to Finland. It is much like a northern Polar night road, lined with lakes, pine trees and birches surrounded by silvery lakes.


Jean-Philippe Payette is a poet, a novelist, a short-movie scriptwriter writer, a teacher of French, a radio host, a bookseller etc.!


Excerpts or reviews:


”Ici on vole haut dans le ciel, naviguant entre les nuages de pluie et la forêt sombre.”


Philippe Papineau, LE DEVOIR (Montréal)

 ”Embrassant des ambiances fragiles et introspectives – on pense notamment à la sensibilité nordique de Sigur Rós -, les six compositions du compact font preuve d’un souci mélodique exemplaire. D’ailleurs, qu’il s’exprime en finnois (langue parlée par 93 % des Finlandais) ou en français, le chanteur Jean-Philippe Payette vous écorche le coeur de par sa mélancolie contagieuse.”


Olivier Robillard Laveaux, VOIR (Montréal)