Last week of the extraordinary July sale at Arkadia (Hundreds of books for 1e)! Don’t miss it!

Dear friends of Arkadia,

It is raining pleasantly today! We hope you are enjoying this refreshing change!

The Great Arkadia July Sale will end next Friday (July 31st ) at 4pm ! Don’t miss it!

Hundreds of books are on sale for only 1e a piece. Amazing! Yes, 1 euro a piece ! Today a large collection of handsome looking and exciting thrillers have been added to the sale! Don’t miss any of it!

Oh, and no! This is absolutely not a closing down or clearance sale! We just feel that it is time for Arkadia to shake its old ways a little and move books, furniture and functions around a bit!

We take this opportunity to apologise for the slight chaos all this will cause. But fear not, this will not prevent us from welcoming you as heartily as ever!

If you can’t visit us we fervently suggest having a look at our new online shop:

I remind you that Members of the Friends of Arkadia Association are entitled to 50% discount on all books (except, that’s important during the sale, for those that are priced €1!) as well as a 50% discount on coffee or tea at all times.

We wish you a splendid day and very much look forward to seeing you in person very soon!

Most warmly,