Launch of ‘Viaje de la ilusión primaria’ by Julio Roberto Srur at ‘Libros del Pasaje’ in Buenos Aires on 9.1.2013

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Dear friend of Arkadia,

Arkadia has published a book, “Viaje de la ilusión primaria” by Julio Roberto Srur. It was officially launched at “Libros del Pasaje” ( in Buenos Aires on Wednesday 9.1.2013 !

The talk was hosted by Mariana Goldman. Julio Roberto Srur (The writer), Lilian Laura Ivachow (The proofreader) and both the publishers were present. The excellent graphic design of the book is by Pauliina Mäntyvaara who, regretfully, was unable to attend the event.

Much information about the book and photographs of the launch is available at the links below: / Arkadia International Bookshop

And of course, the book is now available at Arkadia ( Nervanderinkatu 11)! You are more than welcome to come and have a look at it, hold it in your hands and more!

Warm regards,