Monday 22.12 at 5pm.Christmas Carols, songs and glögi at Arkadia with singers Veera Mertsalmi and Clara Bourgeot!

Dear friend of Arkadia,



Arkadia Oy, International Bookshop in Helsinki wishes you and your family a serene and peaceful Christmas, and a new year of good health and joy!


Your are most welcome to visit the bookshop on Monday 22.12 at 5pm to listen to Veera Mertsalmi and Clara Bourgeot sing Christmas Carols as well as other songs! Glögi will served!


The bookshop has been open for nine months and I hereby wish to heartily thank all the visitors to the shop for their interest, extraordinary help, support, kindness and great generosity.


I’m deeply grateful to the people of the Töölö neighbourhood in Helsinki who so warmly welcomed the bookshop in their midst and to the numerous Helsinki inhabitants who kindly visited Arkadia and brought me much courage.


And I also wish to thank the absolutely wonderful visitors from Rangoon, Toronto, Chapel Hill, London, Stockholm, Montréal, Hamburg, Rome, Berlin, Zagreb, Mbabane, North Hollywood, Sarajevo, Novosibirsk, Geneva, Sorel, Santiago de Chile, Joa Pessoa, Paris, Betondorp, Melbourne, Oxford, Sapporo, Nairobi, Kolkata, New York, Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Saint Petersburg, Dakar, Warsaw and countless other cities, small towns and villages who brought much life to the bookshop and allowed it to carry the name International with much pride and  justification.


Look after yourselves well!


Warm regards,