Night of the Arts at Arkadia: Thursday 22.8 from noon to midnight: Book Sale and Sisar Mirjan Päiväkirja (By Kuosmanen Kuusamo Ensemble)

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Night of the Arts SALE from noon to midnight at Arkadia: 50% discount on all tagged books and hundreds of books at €1!

Dear friend of Arkadia,

You are invited to Sisar Mirjan Päiväkirja (By Kuosmanen Kuusamo Ensemble) , on Thursday 22.8 at 7pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Sisar Mirjan Päiväkirja (The Diary of Sister Mirja) is the second show of Kuosmanen Kuusamo Ensemble. It is based on texts of these two performers, and poems of Anna-Liisa Rekola. The show is a collection of small ”images” from the diaries of Sister Mirja. But who is she? No one really knows, she is the ”Unknown” in our minds, that we often are a bit scared to face with.

You are all most welcome.

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is free but a donation of €3 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would
be most welcome.

Kuosmanen Kuusamo Ensemble is a performing art collective formed by two young artists, Anna Kuusamo and Mikael Kuosmanen. Mikael‘s background is in music, and Anna‘s in acting, but they both share passion for interdisciplinary projects, working with movement and
most of all, creating art their own way. This duo collective is a a melting pot for their different creative ideas and needs, a free playground where they can safely mess around. It’s a refreshing collaboration that encourages both of them to jump outside the box and be free to create performances their own way. They’re mantra this summer is ”Let’s forget what we should, let’s just do whatever we want!”

“Ei vesi joka joessa virtaa

ole sen joen vettä.
Vesi tulee vuorilta kaukaa.
Eivät sanat, jotka me sanomme ole meidän sanojamme.
Ne tulevat jostakin – kaukaa.”

Anna-Liisa Rekola
(Tihenevässä hämärässä, TAI-teos 2012)

“Vesimelonin siemen,
sisältää pienen miehen,
joka on sieltä tuleva
niin eläviä kuin kuolleita.
Vesimelonin siemen, sisältää
pienen miehen.”

Mikael J. Kuosmanen
(Vihko, Yksittäiskappale, 2013)