Old Believers in Romania by Wojtek Mejor Monday 6.4 at 18:00

Dear friend of Arkadia,


You are invited to the bookshop Monday 6.4 at 18:00 to listen to Wojtek Mejor present his reportage on a monastery of Old Believers of the Danube Delta in Romania.

Wojtek visited the monastery while travelling through Romania last August. He attended the ceremony that entails the blessing of water with the relics of four Persian saints. The event is of great importance to thousands of Old Believers who gather at the monastery from all over the region and return home with some of the precious and holy water.

Wojtek will show a number of photographs that carefully document the feast and preparations leading up to it. He will also describe the traditions and the current situation of the Old Believers in Romania and naturally he’ll gladly answer your questions.



You are all most welcome!

Warm regards.


Important Note:

        Entrance is free and green tea will be served

        If you wish to contact me please don’t reply to this email address (it’s a no-reply one) but write to me instead at the following one: ian.bourgeot@arkadia.inet.fi