Open discussion on communication and design introduced by Leandro Righini and Richard Hogan on Wednesday 7.10 at 6pm

Dear friend of Arkadia,


Please join us for the first of what we hope will be a series of open discussions on communication and design on Wednesday 7.10 at 6pm!

For any design or media professional an international outlook is essential for success. This means having the ability to communicate ones vision beyond one’s own culture or language.  More than ever the ability to communicate is becoming as essential as the creative process itself.

The session will be focused on discussing and developing communication tools for promoting your creative work.

There will be an introduction by Leandro Righini the Managing Director of Kielivalmentaja( , who has a background in Film and Television and Language training and Richard Hogan, an Architect who has managed projects in North America, Europe and Russia.

The introduction will be followed by an open discussion on the subject. Graphic designers, Architects, Photographers, Advertising Directors, Film Producers and any other people interested in the topic are warmly invited.

Warm regards,


       Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A 2€ donation is suggested and would be welcome.

       You can also reach me via facebook.

I have an address under my name “Ian Bourgeot”and I would gladly become your friend