Photographers at Arkadia in November 2008 Karmela Kopčić and Krešimir Kopčić

The photographers’ gallery at Arkadia Oy exhibits photography in all its forms and welcomes talented amateurs as well as more established artists and professionals. The bookshop stocks a small but growing range of photography books, some rare or limited edition.

Arkadia exhibits and sells photographs of Pira Cousin, Karmela Kopčić, Krešimir Kopčić, Maria-Helena Markkula and Wojtek Mejor. Their websites can be found at under Arkadia News.

This month there is a special showing of Karmela Kopčić’s and Krešimir Kopčić’s photographs. You are very warmly welcome to come and see them!

Karmela Kopčić, née Svub, was born in Zagreb in 1971 and is of Czech, Italian and Croatian ancestry. She greatly admires Julia Margaret Cameron and is eager to experiment, always finding new ways to express herself. She creates photographic mosaics by using fragments of nature, architecture and life around her. Like an ancient alchemist she mixes and merges images together, and gives new life to an old and familiar tale by putting it in new frames.

Krešimir Kopčić is Croatian photographer. He was born 1971. His main interest and way of expression is the black and white photography. Influenced and inspired by masters such Henri Cartier-Bresson, Willy Ronis or Josef Koudelka, he carefully records the everyday lives of people on city streets. He was awarded the FIAP gold medal at 8th Malmö International Exhibition of Photographic Art 2008.

The price of Karmela Kopčić’s and Krešimir Kopčić’s photographs, in their frames, is of 100€