Tuesday 3.3 at 6 pm at Arkadia: Presentation of “on s’est déjà vu / olemme jo tavanneet / we have already met” by Carita Savolainen

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You are invited to the presentation of on s’est déjà vu / olemme jo tavanneet / we have already met by Carita Savolainen on Tuesday 3.3 at 6pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)


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on s’est déjà vu / olemme jo tavanneet / we have already met by Carita Savolainen
A project-based book

To start with, the project on s’est déjà vu / olemme jo tavanneet / we have already met is a trilingual bookproject (French, Finnish, English) planned in the form of an ongoing process, centered around twelve watercolored images, mental romantic landscapes by Carita Savolainen, and fourteen texts triggered by these images from writers of diverse backgrounds.
The project was conceived by Carita Savolainen and launched in the form of a letter sent to twelve writers she had met in the course of her life, along with the twelve pictures of the watercolors. They were invited by the letter to choose one of the images and freely write a personal text from what it evoked to them. As a consequence, the book gives a portrait of each participant from a similar starting point.

The writers taking part in the project are : René Pons, Mari Mantela, Per E. Fosser, Gilles Kelber, Erja Harjunpää, Bona Mangangu, Claire Ponceau, Hannu Castrén, Michèle Arellano, Kristina Haataja, Bernard Teulon-Nouailles, Hanna Schaafsma, Clement Adelman and Marc Ossorguine.

With this project the artist seeks to highlight the relationship between image and text as well as the link between the different texts proposed, allowing one to go from one place to another, one point of time to another and from one person to another. As an ongoing project further steps are taken to carry the link to other art forms such as dance, sound ..

The title on s’est déjà vu / olemme jo tavanneet / we have already met intends to evoke a feeling familiar to everybody at one time or another, a particular moment when one can be confronted to an element never seen before, but is still persuaded to recognize.

The book was published by éléments de langage and was presented to the public along with the images on December 7th 2013 in Brussels. It was also presented at the Institut Français of Helsinki on December 9th.

The followingt event linked to this project included a contemporary dancer’s interpretation of an image and took place on the 22 of May 2014 in Brussels in the Librairie Galerie Chapitre XII.

Mikko Hyvönen developed a choreography from four images he had chosen specifically for his performance. Mikko Hyvönen is Finnish performer and choreographer based in Brussels. Currently he’s working with Rosas / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and with his own process Organic synthetic.

The following event took place in Atelier Neitzert Heraud, Lieu d’Art Actuel (South of France) on Sebtember 13th and recalled the project as a whole with the participation of the writers living in the area and other people involved in it. On this occasion, contemporary composer Aki Ito presented a musical composition in the form of a sound installation that she prepared on location. In this piece of music specifically composed for the project, she triggers the perception of sounds that either flow alongside the images or confront them.

Aki Ito is a contemporary composer born in Japan and living in Paris. Her research is oriented toward sound cognition in form and space.

On the 3rd of March the whole project is presented in Arkadia International Bookshop in Helsinki in the presence of some participants. A participative event is organized with the public.

Carita Savolainen caritasavo@hotmail.com gsm : +358400276746 www.caritasavolainen.com
Éditions éléments de langage elementsdelangage@gmail.com www.elementsdelangage.eu