Restaurant Day! Sunday 16.2 from noon to 3pm at Arkadia: Culinary delights by cook Thomas Tsang

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Dear friend of Arkadia,

You are invited to culinary delights by cook Thomas Tsang on Restaurant Day, Sunday 16.2 from noon to 3pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Celebrate with a 10 course mouth-watering and extraordinary Shanghai menu by cook Thomas Tsang for just €10!

We would be extremely thankful if you let us know in advance if you are coming! It would be of considerable help to the cook.


Warm regards,


Flying Tigers: Shanghain

We are artists who create new original works of art every time. Our goal is not to repeat anything. That includes other people’s authentic cooking from their traditions. But, you will find warmth and comfort in Finnish and American influences that will touch your heart. Dim sum literally means heart touching.

Why pay €60+ just to try an old sushi + dim sum tasting menu made by the big boys who had never worked in a professional East Asian kitchen before? Here is just €10. This is the 5th brand new original menu chef Tsang did for Ravintolapäivä.

After his late Dad and his friends opened a restaurant while attending University of London, he ran the telecommunication department at Cathay Pacific airline in Hong Kong where Chef Tsang grew up. His Dad had colleagues who were part of the Flying Tigers in the 1940’s. The Flying Tigers were the real Inglorious Bastards.

For only €10, you would get 1 piece of each of the following:

1) Steaming Hot Reindeer burger Shanghai dumpling with lingonberries (super fruit)
2) Red Army on a Log — Goji (superfood) on Mammi
3) Battle of Crab Rangoon
4) Fresh baked warm Corn dog UFO
5) Chinese Tea smoked duck breast with Dutch honey mustard (gluten free)
6) Chinese Spicy soya (superfood) deviled eggs
7) Green Tea (superfood) Cream Puffs
8) Tiger print sushi with shitake (superfood) (gluten free)
9) American Fortune cookie
10) 1940’s White Rabbit candy from Shanghai.

Anyone dressed as a member of the Allied Forces will receive a free gift. Those poor souls who suffered from the Axis’ war crimes eat for free.