Saturday 11.10 at 2pm at Arkadia: Spirituality Without Borders with Johan Bolin

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Dear friend of Arkadia,

You are invited to Spirituality Without Borders with Johan Bolin on Saturday 11.10 at 2pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Spirituality Without Borders is a discussion group where all religions, points of views and thoughts are welcome. It’s open for all ages and genders. Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Wicca, Agnostic, or undefined you are cordially welcome to share your thoughts, or simply to listen.

It will be moderated by Johan Bolin. His only job is to make sure there’ll be no interruptions, and the only forbidden words are: You are wrong & No.

It will take place the second Saturday of every month starting from 11.10.

Everyone is cordially Welcome.

Warm regards,


– Entrance is free but a donation of €3 (or more!) to fund the bookshop is suggested and would be most welcome. Arkadia wouldn’t exist without this act of generosity. If you have no loose change or coins we gladly accept payment via Visa Electron or Mastercard etc. !

Spirituality Without Borders: What does Spirituality mean to you? Do you feel like there’s something outside that what your eyes can, or can’t see? Do you believe in God, or Gods, or do you like to think of awe and everything in secular terms? Do you like to talk, or do you prefer to listen?