Sunday 15.2 at 12pm – 3pm at Arkadia: Restaurant Day! Grill Bill by Chef Thomas Tsang

Please don’t hesitate to join us at!

Dear friend of Arkadia,

You are invited for Restaurant Day to Grill Bill by Chef Thomas Tsang on Sunday15.2 from 12:00 to 3pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Thomas is self-taught through working with chefs (including ICC, formerly French Culinary Institute & Le Cordon Bleu Paris) since 1991. Restaurant Day chef since 2012.

Menu (suggested donation 10 €):

1 Steaming hot the ancient tale of Mulan yellow chive pork and shrimp dumpling. World’s most difficult dumpling to make according to the show MasterChef.
1 Golden mildly spiced egg with crispy leeks & pickles. Vegetarian.
1 Finnish magic beans (you will see 😉 How to enjoy: sprinkle the edible soil on the beans first. The pea shoots are sweet. Vegan. Allergy info: edible soil contains peanut.
1 Snow White with Evil Queen Red date.
1 Dutch Cinderella Pumpkin kardemumma sun-dried mandarin peel egg custard with caramel waffles
1 back by popular demand Black Metal Kalakuko with Pata Negra and Goji berry.
How to enjoy: pick it up with one hand; devil’s horns with the other hand.
1 Chinese Scholar’s rock ice cream with crispy buckwheat and Green tea powder. This dessert resembles a natural rock sculpture in a Chinese mansion.
1 Chinatown Tale fortune cookie
1 Chocolate.

A lot of seats at dinning tables and sofas. Plenty of space to walk around and mingle also.

Suggested donation 10 €


Warm regards,