Saturday 15.5 at 4pm: Talk on B&W Street Photography by Krešimir Kopčić by

Dear friend of Arkadia,


You are a welcome to an evening of photography. Croatian photographer Krešimir Kopčić has kindly acccepted to talk of his work, and especially of street black and white photography, on Saturday 15.5 at 4pm.

The talk is in English and you are cordially invited to ask questions and discuss with Krešimir.

Join us!

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         Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be VERY welcome.

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By Krešimir Kopčić:


Cities –  my photographic habitat. People in cities – my inspiration. Long walks through distant quarters – being an alien, unnoticed but also the part of life. Robert Doisneau said that “the people’s vitality nourishes us, without their knowledge“. I agree: When people are devoted to something they do, they become the „easiest prey“, so full of energy and behaving normally.

I stood one winter at the Bratislava’s main square, while my attention was drawn by the shadows of a tree and street lamp and also the texture of a façade. But the eye has searched for something more and it got it. I noticed that a policeman will pass through my frame and decided to wait for a moment when his shadow joins the shadows of the tree and lamp at the wall. From that day on when I photograph the lives on the street I can’t stop thinking about Frank Horvat’s words: “Photography is the art of not pushing the button”.

All of my photographs were taken by the way, en passage, and allow me to draw you attention to something else. Solitude is the thread that connects my photographs, almost all the people I recorded on a photographic film are strangers to me, and I never tried to get to know them, certainly not as deep as Josef Koudelka did with his photos. My (photographic) solitude is nourished by the other people’s solitude. I do not avoid contact; I just think that is wonderful enough to peek through the doors of other worlds. By the way.

I let my “models”  to carry on; I’m satisfied with this small theft of their solitude. It is exactly the solitude, individuality, what defines the work of a photographer. To be devoted to photography is to be alone, making your own attitude, deciding autonomously about the view of the world through the camera finder.


Krešimir Kopčić

Born: 1971

Lives in: Zagreb (Croatia)/ Helsinki (Finland)


– “Tales from the main street” – 22 photos, Zagreb, March 2006.

– “Light and Colour” competition – 4 photos series, Rijeka, October 2006.

– “8th Malmö International Exhibition of Photographic Art 2008” – 2 photos, Malmö, November


– “Tales from the main street” – 20 photos, EP Kamera Store and Gallery, Helsinki, November


– “Finland Through Foreign Eyes” – 4 photos, Kameraseura gallery, Helsinki, January 2009.

– “Portraits – 591 Summer Exhibition 09” –

– “By the way” – 591 Photography Exhibition, Sep 6 – Nov 29, 2009

– “By the way” – 16 photos, Bar No. 9, Helsinki, March 2010



– 8th Malmö International Exhibition of Photographic Art 2008 – FIAP Gold Medal

– Light and Colour competition 2006.; INA, Zagreb; First prize (four photohraphs series)


Inspiration: Josef  Koudelka, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau

Quote: “Photography is the art of not pushing the button” Frank Horvat

A favourite photograph: Josef  Koudelka, man and the horse, Romania 1968.