Saturday 16.4 at 1pm at Arkadia: Piano recital by Arian Kermanchi

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You are invited to a piano recital by Arian Kermanchi on Thursday 16.4 at 1pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Welcome to a short journey through the history of Western classical music starting from Baroque, travelling through the classical and romantic eras, and finally ending with a piece by the late Romantic and early-modern composer, Jean Sibelius.


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J.S. Bach
: Prelude and Fugue in F minor DWK I
L. van Beethoven: Sonata in F major op.10 no.2
I Allegro
II Allegretto
III Presto
Fr. Chopin: Etude in F minor op.10 no.9
A. Scriabin: 2 poèmes op.32
B. Bartók: Six dances in Bulgarian rhythm no.6
J. Sibelius: Idyll op.24 no.6

Arian has been playing the piano under the supervision of several teachers since he was 6. Although classically trained, he enjoys wandering into other genres as well, namely by writing and performing arrangements of popular songs which he periodically publishes on his YouTube channel with nearly 5k subscribers. He is also part of Helsinki Syndrome, a young international band whose debut is to be released later this year.