Saturday 18.4 at 4 pm at Arkadia: The Greek Tragedy – The European Financial Crisis in simple words by Angelos Ioannis

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You are invited to a presentation of The Greek Tragedy – The European Financial Crisis in simple words by Angelos Ioannis on Saturday 18.4 at 4pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Angelos Ioannis has kindly accepted to talk of the topic of his book at Arkadia. All are heartily welcome to attend and participate to the discussion.


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The Greek Tragedy – The European Financial Crisis in simple words

Short Description:

At the onset of the Greek crisis, Manos, a successful middle-aged businessman, loses his job. Without employment opportunities and in serious debts he retreats into a small sea-side town near Athens in what used to be his family’s summer house. Sitting on his balcony one morning he looks at the bright blue sky and the crystal clear sea. He wonders why he is feeling desperate in such beautiful surroundings. He wonders why his country, full of resources and qualified people, is in despair too. What brought Greece to its knees? He is not satisfied with the answers he receives from the media. Going out of his house he meets several people such as a baker, a priest and a British retired banker, who all have their own explanation. Based on a true story, this book follows one day in Manos’s life to shed light on post-crisis life in Greece and the real reasons behind the Greek debt. In easy words it explains the structure of the current financial system and the European integration. It eventually shows what really caused the crisis, first in Greece and then in Europe. Can Greece survive the crisis? Is there a solution for Europe?


Angelos Ioannis was born in Athens in May 1977. After finishing the German School of Athens in 1995 he enrolled in the University of Piraeus where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics with excellence. In 2002 he finished his studies at the American University in Washington D.C. receiving a master’s degree in business administration. He received his PhD in association algorithms at the Panteion University in Athens, where he continued teaching Applied Informatics for five years. Since 2007 Angelos has lived and worked in Germany, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore and Malaysia. In 2011 he published his first book “The Reencounter“, a historical romance.