Saturday 19.3 at 4pm: Singer-songwriter Catself and poet Sinikka Vuola will perform!

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are heartily invited by Chorus and the bookshop to joyful afternoon of Poetry and Pop on Saturday 19.3 at 4pm! The delightful singer-songwriter Catself will play songs from her upcoming debut album and Sinikka Vuola will read her poems. Spring has arrived to Helsinki! What better way is there to welcome the sun on an early Saturday afternoon than listening to song and poetry, while drinking tea and eating delicious cinnamon buns (courtesy of ever generous Emilia Honkasaari!) in good company? Warm regards, Ian (newly refurbished website!)  –Entrance is free and green tea will be offered. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be welcome. Catself Catself wrote her first songs when she was 13. After that, there were years of playing for friends and later, in pubs, but music remained on the side while Catself did various studies and many very different jobs in a few countries. In autumn 2008, Catself decided to focus seriously on music, having realised it was not just something she loved but also something others wanted to see her do. Catself keeps making more songs, and records some of them, while some remain live songs for now. Most of the songs are guitar- or piano-based, with more instruments to add colour and adventure to the songs. Catself does all the recording alone, recording all the parts by herself with a lot of love. Sinikka Vuola (1972) is a poet from Helsinki. So far she has published two books Orkesteri jota emme kuule (2007) and Musta ja punainen (2009).