Saturday 21.11 at 4pm at Arkadia: Presentation of Punaiset prikaatit (Red Brigades) by Anton Monti

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You are invited to a presentation in English of Punaiset prikaatit (Red Brigades) by Anton Monti on Saturday 21.11 at 4pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Anton Monti has kindly accepted to present his book Punaiset prikaatit – Italian väkivallan vuodet 1970–1988 (Red Brigades – The Years of Political Violence in Italy 1970 – 1988) published by Into Kustannus in October, 2015.

The presentation will be in English. A discussion will ensue to which the audience is heartily encouraged to participate.


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Red Brigades – The Years of Political Violence in Italy 1970 – 1988 by Anton Monti

In October 1970 the years of lead began in Italy: The Red Brigades started to kidnap and kill “cronies of capitalists”. They robbed banks and sabotaged factories. These activists were professional revolutionaries whose were paid monthly salaries and who lived together in underground communal apartments. How did the Red Brigades organize themselves, how did they plan and execute their strikes? How did they kidnap and kill the ex-prime minister Aldo Moro? Who was the eccentric billionaire Feltrinelli, a friend of Castro, who financed movements of radical left and eventually died when setting up a bomb?
The book of Monti tells the story of the Red Brigades from the year 1970 till the bitter end in 1988. The tragic history has all the elements of a suspense film.

Anton Monti

Anton Monti was born in Helsinki in 1964, but he grew up in Rome during the “Years of Lead”, 1969 – 1988, in the middle of political violence. In those years he was politically active in the leftist autonomous movement and he came to know people who later took part in the actions of Red Brigades. Later, towards the end of the 1990’s he wrote theoretical and political articles in Finnish, Swedish, Italian, French and German publications.

Monti’s professional career has consisted of different executive positions in the field of vehicle business and other fields linked to international trade.