Saturday 21.4 at 4pm: Concert with MC Matre and Mikael H & The Siberians

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are most welcome to an acoustic concert with MC Matre and Mikael H & The Siberians on Saturday 21.4 at 4pm. Mikael H & The Siberians will celebrate their fresh record release with a special acoustic concert with a very special guest from Los Angeles, USA, MC Matre. The concert will comprise of a set from Mikael H & The Siberians and a set from MC Matre with the Siberians also backing him up with John MC Gregor. Welcome! Warm regards, Ian Entrance is free and green tea will be offered. A donation of €2 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome! MC Matre Combining classic party rocking hip hop with socially critical and poignantly introspective lyrics, LA’s Matre (pron. mat – trey) has established himself as one of hip hop’s premier artists to check for. Over the past twelve plus years Matre has lit up crowds throughout the U.S., Western Canada and Brazil, sharing stages with rap greats ranging from Public Enemy to Acey Alone, The Black Eyed Peas to Tha Alkaholiks. A member of renowned hip hop collective LA2TheBay and LA super-group The League, and a long-time presence in LA’s underground scene, Matre has recorded with Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Key Kool (The Visionaries) and Pigeon John, as well as frequent collaborations with LA2theBay cohorts, 2Mex, Xololanxinxo, Bus Driver and The Shape Shifters, among others. Matre’s sophomore solo release, Easter Sonday, is a reflection both of his personal and spiritual strivings as well as a commitment to addressing relevant, and often critical, social issues. Mikael H & The Siberians Mikael H & The Siberians will release their third album, “The president of Venice Beach“, in april 2012.In 2004 they released their debut album, “Sounds like Siberia” which again was followed by “Back from Serbia” in 2006.Mikael and his band haven’t spent the last five years collecting election money, instead they have been employed by many projects. Most active of these have been Kaspar, where Mikael sings and co-writes with John McGregor. In most cases, the band consists of the following persons: Mikael Hakkarainen, Tuomas Hakkarainen, Jaakko Lampela, Tuure Saarinen and Risto Antero Tiittula.