Saturday 23.2 at 4pm at Arkadia: Concert by Lähteenmäki / Pettersson / Talvi / Antila

Dear friend of Arkadia,

You are invited to a concert by Lähteenmäki / Pettersson / Talvi / Antila
 on Saturday 23.2 at 4pm at Arkadia
(Nervanderinkatu 11).


Ville Lähteenmäki: bass clarinet
Jon Pettersson: bass
Tuomas Talvi: bass
Mikko Antila: drums

An improvised concert by four musicians, who’s ultimate purpose is playing free and intuitive music, throw themselves to the energy flow of music and channel it to the audience.


Warm regards,

Entrance is free but a donation of €3 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome. If you have no loose change or coins we gladly accept payment via Visa Electron or Mastercard etc.!

Ville Lähteenmäki (b.1998) is a younger generation woodwind specialist. The Gothenburg based instrumentalist/composer considers the bass clarinet as his main instrument, but he is also fluent on the saxophone and flute. The most important thing for him is to make honest art which reflects his experiences in life and music.

Jon Pettersson (b.1998) is a musician/bassist based in Helsinki, drawing inspiration of artists like John Coltrane, Aphex Twin, Wayne Krantz and Charles Mingus. Although studying music and tradition in Helsinki, the most important things in music for him are different qualities of sounds and the feeling.

Tuomas Talvi is a young (b.1998) and aspiring jazz bassist from Kerava now based in Helsinki. With childhood roots in power trio rock, west coast funk and electronic music, he is comfortable with multiple musical idioms while pursuing his nro 1. passion of improvised jazz music

Mikko Antila (b.1998) is a musician based in Helsinki. Mostly known for his vibraphone and percussion playing, Mikko is also an active drummer and a composer. He is very open to all music genres, ranging from his vibraphone/percussion performances in Sibelius Academy’s NYKY Ensemble to playing drums and keyboards in Soul/Techno groups. He is very transformative with any instrument he plays, and always aims to make the whole band sound great.