Saturday 23.2 at 4pm Liquid Bridge Live at Arkadia: ‘Three Voices’: Julia Marcell, Catself and Café de Abejas

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You are most welcome to an intimate acoustic concert “Liquid Bridge Live | Three Voices”. Julia Marcell, Catself and Café de Abejas will all perform on Saturday 23.2 at 4pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11).


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Entrance is free but a donation of €3 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome.

Liquid Bridge Live wishes to take you on a musical treasure hunt led by a team of witty songwriters: Julia Marcell, Catself and Café de Abejas. In their own fashion and musical way, the artists will let us in to their own worlds where one man’s sweetheart can be another man’s whore, one shouldn’t trust pale girls and at the end of the day we all turn out to be fish. Stay surreal and tune for sharp lyrics and good melodies.

Julia Marcell is a singer-songwriter from Poland, currently living in Berlin. In 2007 she released a 5 track EP called Storm followed by her first album It Might Like You in 2008. The album attracted a lot of attention and was given much love by the listeners and critics, and Julia found herself traveling around the world and playing in Japan, Finland, Czech Republic, Holland, Portugal and at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas among other places. Julia‘s second album June released in 2011 brought a significant change in sound and saw the artist experimenting with rhythm. In 2012 the album led to a Fryderyk Award (Polish equivalent for BRIT Awards) for Best Alternative Album and 7
nominations in other categories. (via

Catself is a Finland based singer-songwriter from Poland. Catself’s music combines many influences, but they are not exactly music influences. There is no single artist that Catself could mention as an inspiration; that seems to come more from her adventures, experiences, rich literature and language studies and contact with many cultures. Childlike playfulness and educated eloquence, elements of fantasy and magic next to inspirations from nature with its beauty and brutality, a touch of melancholy balanced with a lot of black humour and a bit of nonsense. Catself started to work on her album in summer 2011 and invited Saint Nicholas Orchestra – Poland’s leading folk band – to accompany her on the album. The album recorded in Preisner Studio, Poland, is already completed and waiting for a publisher. (via

Café de Abejas is a cabaret duo based in Helsinki, Finland. Writing songs in both English and French, they draw their inspiration from the heritage of Kurt Weill, French chanson, Spanish copla and the golden era of Hollywood. In this film noir operetta, Laura Reunanen plays the part of the cynical songbird, while J.W. Ralli sits in for an entire orchestra with his guitar. On stage, they ooze glamour from a bygone era
and deliver performances of powerful storytelling, passion, decadence and wit. The sensation is rather like being immersed in absinthe.
Livegraphy publishes their debut album in February 2013. (via