Saturday 27.3 at 4pm:Concert of FEW with Franka Oroza, Wilja Rosenberg and Elsa Sihvola!

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are heartily invited to a concert by FEW, the extraordinary band of Franka Oroza, Wilja Rosenberg and Elsa Sihvola, on Saturday 27.3 at 4pm. Come all, you assured to experience sheer delight! Warm regards, Ian – Entrance is free and green tea will be served. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be welcome. A couple of words from the band FEW FEW started playing two years ago. First there were two, Wilja & Franka. Later Elsa came along with her cello. The band has played in clubs and parties all around Helsinki. After a successful tour in France last autumn, FEW are putting the final touches to their first album, which will be released later this spring. FEW’s songs are based on guitar – and vocal harmonies with added spice coming from the cello and the bass. There a subtle hints of bossanova, samba, folk and jazz in the trio’s music. Franka Oroza plays the guitar and sings. She is the composer and lyricist of the all FEW songs. Wilja Rosenberg is a charismatic, sweet-voiced singer. Wilja is experienced in a vast range of musical styles. Elsa Sihvola is a fantastic and accomplished classical cellist, but she also gladly and easily plays and adapts her instrument to many genres. FEW on soittanut Helsingin klubeilla vuodesta 2008 lähtien. Ensin oli duo, Wilja & Franka, myöhemmin tuli mukaan sellisti Elsa. Viime syksyisen Ranskaan sijoittuneen kiertueen jälkeen FEW on viimeistellyt debyyttialbumiaan, joka julkaistaan myöhemmin tänä keväänä. FEW:n kappaleet perustuvat sellon sävyttämille kitara- ja lauluharmonioille. Musiikissa on vaikutteita bossanovasta sambasta, folkista ja jazzista. Franka Oroza soittaa kitaraa, laulaa ja on säveltänyt ja sanoittanut FEW:n soittamat kappaleet. Wilja Rosenberg on karismaattinen, upeaääninen laulajatar. Wiljalla on laaja kokemus monien musiikkityylien tulkitsemisesta. FEW:n huima sellisti Elsa Sihvola on taitava klassinen muusikko, mutta avoimesti ja musikaalisesti mukauttaa soittoaan kaikenlaisiin genreihin. links: