Saturday 28.11 at 4 pm at Arkadia: Release concert of Koskenkylä, the new album of Vellamo!

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You are invited to release concert of Koskenkylä, the new album of Vellamo on Saturday 28.11 at 4 pm (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Vellamo will celebrate their album release by performing in Helsinki at Arkadia International Bookshop. The release tour in Finland will continue until spring 2016 with shows in Turku, Lapinlahti, Kuopio, Oulu, Savitaipale, Rovaniemi, Kotka and Porvoo.

Koskenkylä – album:
Genre: Folk/Folkrock/Pop/Singer-Songwriter

Pia Leinonen – vocals
Joni Tiala – guitars, keyboards, mandolin, bouzouki, backing vocals
Janne Ylikorpi – bass
Timo Tikkamäki – drums


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Folkband Vellamo’s Koskenkylä – album release tour

Vellamo is the performing and songwriting team of Pia Leinonen and Joni Tiala. Their music is characterized by haunting melodies, Pia’s ethereal lead vocals and Joni’s virtuosic guitar stylings. In Finnish mythology, Vellamo is the goddess of the sea. Based in Kokkola, on the western coast of Finland, Vellamo combines the rich tradition of Finnish folksong with an appealing “retro” sensibility, creating a modern folk music experience. In addition to shows in their homeland, Vellamo spends half of each year touring abroad; their adventures have led them throughout the United States, Europe and New Zealand. Vellamo released their first album recorded in Vermont, US in early 2013. The second album Trad came out in June 2014 and was recorded with a full band featuring bass player Janne Ylikorpi and Timo Tikkamäki who are part of Vellamo’s band assembly.

Koskenkylä is Vellamo’s third album. The album is named after songwriter Leinonen’s home village and features all original material that does justice to the band’s characteristic modern folk sound, honed with the previous album Trad’s fresh folk rock compositions. The album is versatile moving from Tule kanssani sisar – songs political flame to Colours of the Meadow’s Cindy Lauper style pop and Hey Little Birds 60–70’s California folk to Palmikko’s Finnish folk ballad style. Songwriter Leinonen’s strong lyrics and unpredictable but catchy melodies tie the album together.

“There’s so much to like about Vellamo’s music, which has a strong, and intensely appealing, retro feel – kinda Trader Horne/first-album Fairport, maybe more than a hint of the Fariñas, with a touch of early-electric-Dylan/McGuinn jangle, get the picture? ”
FATEA Magazine (UK).

“Even foreign texts can shine like a star on a clear sky.”
Keys & Chords (Belgium).