Saturday 28.5 at 4pm at Arkadia: Solo concert by Hugh Sheehan

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You are invited to a solo concert by Hugh Sheehan on Saturday 28.5 at 4pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Musically, Hugh is interested in exploring the social and aesthetic boundaries between experimental/electronic and folk musics and his current focus lies in researching cross-pollination and idiom-hybridisation within these realms. His work spans the intersection of improvisation and writing and is generally composed for and with specific players; products of a long-lasting collaboration.


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Hugh Sheehan : Solo

Concert Info –

I grew up playing traditional Irish music, learning aurally, whilst concurrently studying academically and playing percussion and drums in the classical and jazz worlds. I am now mainly active in the realms of contemporary/experimental music and sonic art, however I have always maintained a strong affinity for, and activity in, folk music. In fact, most of my contemporary work incorporates or reflects upon my roots as a folk musician, to some extent.
During my time in Helsinki so far, I’ve been super inspired by the amount of wonderful musicians performing solo folk music. This concert will feature just me and my accordion, where I’ll be revisiting traditional tunes that I’ve learned from friends or at sessions, from records or youtube videos. The arrangements present a contemporary take on traditional tunes and the Irish B/C diatonic button accordion style of playing.

I’ll be mainly be playing tunes from Ireland as well as some from Scotland, England, and some Finnish music that I’ve learned since moving to Helsinki.


Hugh Sheehan
is a musician who’s work traverses composition, improvisation, performance and sonic art. In July 2015 he graduated from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama with a BMus (Hons) in Composition and Music Technology. He is now studying on the MMus program in the Centre for Music & Technology at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland.
As an inter-media artist, he is also researching how new instruments or custom technological processes can change our relationship with performance, improvisation, interactivity and installation.

He plays electronics, button accordion, percussion and drum kit and has played at, and had works performed at concert halls, theaters, festivals, competitions and music clubs extensively around the UK and Ireland and across Europe and North America.