Saturday 4.2 at 4pm: ‘Strange Flowers’, a concert by singer-songwriter Iiro Törmä

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are heartily invited to ‘Strange Flowers’, a concert by singer-songwriter Iiro Törmä on Saturday 4.2 at 4pm! Iiro Törmä will bring to daylight his recent songs that contain a bit of traditional blues and a little of folk, spiced up with some more contemporary tones. Behind Iiro’s lyrics lies a great urge to say things that are often hard to say. The title song “Strange flower” carries the idea of bringing a deeply depressed friend back to life. Welcome! Warm regards, Ian -Entrance is free and green tea will be offered. A donation of €2 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome. Iiro Törmä (born 1975) lives in Helsinki and works by day as an art director, music being his great love. Aside from songwriting, Iiro plays the double bass with the Scarecrows, the bluegrass band.