Saturday 4.5 at 4pm at Arkadia: Recital by Kuningatarpäivät (Queen Day)!

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Dear friend of Arkadia,

You are invited to a recital by Kuningatarpäivät (Queen Day) on Saturday 4.5 at 4pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Kuningatarpäivät (Queen Day)
is a delightful duo with potentially confusing messages. Their music is filled with mysteries, drama, pure joy and redemption, and their Finnish lyrics will give you something to think about. Their mission is to awake the rhetorical spirit of music and make songs with a meaning and a purpose. A song needs to have something to tell. The themes of their songs, such as the tragedy of womanhood, the psychology of their generation and the sorrow of losing one’s beloved to Moscow, arise from the passionate conversations over the breakfast table they share.

Aura Raulo (lyrics, vocals) & Elsa Sihvola (compositions, vocals, piano)

You are all very welcome.

Warm regards,


Entrance is free but a donation of €3 (or more!) to fund the event is suggested and would be most welcome.


Kuningatarpäivät on Aura Raulon (sanoitukset, laulu) ja Elsa Sihvolan (sävellykset, laulu, piano) duo, jonka kutsumuksena on herättää henkiin retorisen musiikin perinne: luoda musiikkia, jolla on sanoma. Laulumme käsittelevät aikamme merkityksellisiä aiheita, kuten naiseuden tragediaa, sukupolvemme psykologista taakkaa ja Moskovaan menetettyjä rakkaita. Laulujemme aiheet kumpuavat intohimoisista aamiaiskeskusteluista yhteisen pöydän äärellä.