Saturday 19.2 at 4pm: Concert by Nagual from Belarus!

Dear friend of Arkadia, You are heartily invited by Tusovka ry and the bookshop to a stupendous concert by Nagual ((НагУаль) from Belarus on Saturday 19.2 at 4pm! Join us!   Warm regards, Ian -Entrance is free and green tea will be offered. A donation of €2 (or more!) is suggested and would be welcome. Nagual (НагУаль) is a band of musicians from Belarus and beyond, lead by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Leonid Pavlyonok, describing themselves as a ”group of ethnical surrealism”. In existence since 2000, the band´s music is a rich mixture of different ethnical ingredients and landscapes. In their own words: «…А lot of cultures live inside us and, as a matter of fact, each of us is a migrant. We do not stay long in one place. We are in constant motion, covering either large or small distances. It is this motion, this changeability and relativity of our knowledge that the band Nagual seeks to reflect in its creative work. Nagual came into being in the winter of 2000. We study the roots of music, modern genres, formation of folk cultures, the relations between people – everything that directly concerns our creative work. « Nagual creates sounds by means of the instruments they have chosen, by their unusual combination and our own emotional experience. Their instruments range from exclusively-archaic to classical ones.   Nagual Tusovka ryThe cultural organisation Tusovka ry was founded in 1998 in Helsinki by a group of enthusiasts for Russian rock-music. Tusovka´s primary idea was to introduce Russian rock and popular culture to audiences in Finland. Since it´s beginnigs, Tusovka has established itself as a small, active and durable cultural society, best known for organising concerts and the annual Tusovkarock-festival.   Although the biggest part of Tusovka´s activity consists of organising concerts in Helsinki, other forms of cultural activity are not neglected either, the means allowing. Cultural field trips to Russia with Finnish musicians are undertaken, for example. During the years, the scope of performers and musical genres has expanded: Ukrainian, Belarusian, Estonian, Carelian etc. artists are no strangers to Tusovka´s events, with almost all musical genres represented, ranging from experimental world music to hip-hop and from klezmer to power-pop. Tusovka ry is funded by The Finnish Ministry of Education and the City of Helsinki Cultural Office, but all work in the organisation is done on a voluntary basis, pro bono. Tusovka ry is an open society, and we welcome all interested to take part in our activities, and of course, to attend the concerts!