Sunday 21.2 at from noon to 3pm at Arkadia: Culinary delights by cook Thomas Tsang on Restaurant Day

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Dear friend of Arkadia,

You are invited to enjoy culinary delights by cook Thomas Tsang on Restaurant Day, Sunday 21.2 from noon to 3pm at Arkadia (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Celebrate with an 8 course mouth-watering and extraordinary Shanghai menu by cook Thomas Tsang for just €10!

We would be extremely thankful if you let us know in advance if you are coming! It would be of considerable help to the cook.


Warm regards,


This is the 11th brand new original menu chef Tsang did for Ravintolapäivä.
Grill Bill vol 11: The Hateful 8

For only €10, you would get 1 piece of each of the following

Steaming Hot Dim Sum
1. Shanghai juicy pork dumpling
2. Har (shrimp) Gow (rice dumpling)
3. Siew Mai (pork) dumpling
4. Sami people inspired filled muffin (egg free) with puolukkahillo (lingonberry) pearls and a Chinese hawthorn berry chip,
5. Wasabi pea Macaron
6. Green Tea Fondant cookie
7. Lychee fruit tart
8. Melon fruit tart,